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Team Outsourcing


We focus on engaging, training, and delivering both nearshore and offshore teams to help with your digital transformation efforts.


Whether it is software that you need to be developed, a project to migrate to cloud services, or building your e-commerce store we can put together a team with the matching expertise and the know-how to take you to the finish line. 

Mentored Teams


Now that you have your stellar team formed, what would be a better ad-on than getting a specialized mentor to guide them and help them navigate the industry-specific issues?


Our experts will engage with the team and give the support and guidance they need in order to succeed. Teams stay at the forefront of their field and are motivated to grow and learn.

Software Factory


We create software and make your dreams come true. From inception to go-live we put together an agile development team to handle the intrepid quest of bringing your concepts to life. We have vast experience developing software in fields like Recruitment, Medical Research, E-commerce, and Fintech to name a few industries.


Our experts will engage with your teams and build up the requirements in order to secure incremental value delivery for your business.

We have worked with BIGSHORE since its early days and are glad to have found a partner that could deliver the software we needed and continues to give us support to stay on trend on a highly changing market as Talent Acquisition

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Our Team_

Rafael Torrado



Rafa started his career as a software engineer and specialized in GeneXus which allowed him to work with many startups and SME's across LatAm and the US.

He is an expert project manager who will undoubtedly charm any and all of his business partners with his honest and friendly approach. He is certified in SAP Marketing and has delivered critical projects in segments like medical research and talent management, and technology-driven companies.

Fair, friendly, and tremendously knowledgeable, he is the leader that is needed in these ever-changing and challenging times.

Rodrigo Esmela



With a background in software engineering, Rodrigo has spent the last 15+ years of his career driving digital transformation, as a product manager, project manager, and member of various strategic committees.

Agile coach and PMP certified, he has led projects and products in both startups and corporates with equal ease, in industries from e-commerce to HR and Fintec. Being responsible for P&L for multi-million dollar projects.

Savvy, up-to-date, creative, and determined, Rodrigo is the guy you want to have on your corner.

Ximena San Julián



With an academic record in Economics and Marketing, Ximena brings with her 15+ years of experience in operations, back and middle office, and project management.

Most of her experience is in Fintech and Trade Finance where she has managed multi-billion dollar projects and multi-cultural cross-disciplinary teams.

Certified as Scrum Master and Product Owner, she has the expertise to diagram the operations strategy needed to see complex projects through. 

Doer, list-maker, Ironic joker, and ready to roll up her sleeves, she is the perfect tactical contact for your outsourced teams.